Purple Satin


Currently Binge Watching

The Flight Attendant on HBO and rewatching It's Always Sunny.

Favorite Musician

Modest Mouse and of course my celeb crush, Post Malone.

Spirit Animal

A bird of prey, like a vulture or an eagle.

Beverage of Choice

Gin and Jams!

Lived in hair!!! Effortless color, cuts, and texture.

If you didn't do hair, what would you do for a living?

I honestly have no idea! I've known I've wanted to do hair since high school. If I had to decide I would say something that has to do with animals.

Favorite Product

I looooooove Living Proof's Dry Volume Blast! It gives the perfect lived-in texture without the buildup that a lot of texturizing sprays give.

What do you love about Spa Bella?

The constant support! Whether it be a question about formulating color, bouncing around ideas for your next project, or the compliments on your work, I have always felt welcomed and supported by my co-stylists and Pete & Kelly since I started working for Spa Bella. 

Favorite thing to do at work