Purple Satin


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Currently Binge-Watching

Seven Deadly Sins on Netlfix!

Favorite Musician

This question is unfair, but if I had to pick someone I'd say Silverstein? ugh.

Spirit Animal

EVEE! or one of my cats. 


Truly Lemonade because I am basic.

Blondes and vivids!

If you didn't do hair, what would you do?

I'd be a teacher or some sort for sure. Maybe a guitar teacher. I've always loved working with kids, but that's probably because I am one.

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Forever Manan Hydrating Serum. It's a multi tasking dream with its humidity blocking effects and the fact that it's a heat protectant. How that gorgeous Lena [Piccinnini] made a serum that can be used on every head of hair is beyond me! I cannot speak more highly of it. 

Where do I even begin? I love that my job, which is also my second home. Once I walk in those doors it doesn't 

Beverage of Choice

Favorite thing to do at work

Favorite Product

What do you love about Spa Bella?